Buyer’s Guide to Harajuku Lovers Bags

Harajuku Lovers bags are an interesting option if you are in the market for backpacks, tote bags, purses or tokidoki bags. The backpacks are a bit expensive, but they are well worth it. Each bag is a little bit different, but each sports a cool design and is made with high quality fabric to last a lifetime. The Harajuku Lovers tote bags and purses are made with similar designs and fabrics, though the tote bag is made with a rougher and extremely durable fabric, while the purse is not quite as durable but is softer. Pencil cases are also available, which are made with a glossy plastic, but still have the same art style. Harajuku Lovers bags are a modern oriental fashion trend that is sweeping the world.

History of Harajuku Lovers Bags

  • Harajuku Lovers line of clothing was started by the singer Gwen Stefani as a less expensive and therefore, more accessible line of clothing for her fans.
  • The inspiration for this line of clothing is from her Japanese backup singers. She also says that the clothing is a visual representation of her songs.
  • The brand has evolved since its creation in 2005, and now features high top shoes, shirts, jeans, jewelry, perfume, and of course, the famous Harajuku Lovers bags that Gwen’s fashion line is so famous for.

Different Kinds of HL Bags

Harajuku Lovers bags are a truly diverse bunch, with hundreds of different styles. One distinct feature of the Harajuku Lovers items is the anime style artwork covering every inch of each of their products. This is a noticeable feature because all of the designer bags are covered with anime people or faces. It is clear that a lot of work went into creating each of the individual people, with unique hairstyles, facial features and clothing.

Other bags display Harajuku Lovers’ Japanese roots more subtly, with a simple pattern and a drawing of some piece of nature laid on top. An important factor to consider is the color. Most bags fit into one of two categories: bright and vibrant, or dark and subtle. Think about where you use your bag and what clothing you will be wearing with it so you can buy the bag that will coordinate best with whatever outfit you wear. It is hard to find one bag that is exactly the same as another, guaranteeing a unique look that is perfect for you.

Where to Buy a Harajuku Lovers Bag

A great place to start shopping is Amazon. Though, you won’t be finding any bargains there, Amazon offers the largest selection of Harajuku Lovers bags, as well as lots of other Harajuku Lovers merchandise. If you are not too picky about what bag you want, or want a good deal, then you should check out Ebay. They have a large selection of the niche Harajuku Lovers items, such as pencil cases and perfumes. Ebay has lots of cheap Harajuku Lovers bags that can fit into any look while 6PM has lots of Harajuku Lovers bags on sale to help you get the most bang for your buck.